The UnionPay cards issued by Southern Commercial Bank

The Southern Commercial Bank has developed the Consumer Classic Card, Consumer Gold Card and the Business Card. These cards are “dual currency” prepaid cards, which means that the card can be used both in Suriname (SRD) and abroad (USD). The card transactions that are supported by these prepaid cards are the same as the card transactions that are supported by credit cards. The difference with a credit card is that with a prepaid card the customer has to load the amount to be spent on the card in advance. Therefore, the bank does not finance a purchase done with a prepaid card. With each transaction, the available balance on the card is reduced with the transaction amount. The advantage of this is that the UnionPay cards are accessible to everyone. A check on creditworthiness, proof of income or placing a deposit is not necessary. In addition, the USD is placed on the card at a fixed rate, so that the customer does not run a foreign exchange risk.

The renewed UnionPay Cards offer more possibilities

All UnionPay cards support the following types of transactions:
  • ATM Withdrawal and ATM Balance Inquiry. For ATM-transactions, a 6-digit PIN code is required which is provided together with the card.
  • POS Purchase, Purchase Cancellation, Refund and Pre-authorization. Only a signature is required for POS Payment; a pin code is not required. This increases the acceptance of the card in countries such as the USA.
  • E-Commerce. For an E-commerce transaction, the cardholder must indicate the card number, CVN2 code and the expiration date of the card. In some cases, the website where you make your purchases may also request a One Time Password (OTP). In such a situation you will receive an SMS from UnionPay on your mobile phone. So always make sure that your mobile phone number is known to the Southern Commercial Bank.
  • QuickPass. This is the contactless solution from UnionPay. You can make a payment by simply holding your card against the POS terminal. Inserting your card into the POS terminal is not necessary.
  • Transit. With the UnionPay card, paying for public transportation in China is possible. It is expected that more and more countries, including Suriname will accept the UnionPay card to pay for public transportation.

Endless possibilities!

  • Online Shopping: Purchase items from Amazon and other big online retailers.
  • On Vacation: Easily make payments when you are anywhere in the world.
  • On a Business Trip: Make your business trips worry free. UnionPay cards can also be given to employees on business trips. So no more hassle when employees need to report and declare expenses.
  • To Study: Student abroad can now easily receive money from parents.

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