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When it comes to business, cash flow control is crucial for your business to succeed. Whether you plan to create a new business, restructure your finances or grow your business, you need flexible funding choices, expert advice and prompt decisions. Come to Southern Commercial Bank for consultation, we are there to offer our best solutions.


  • fix and reasonable rate is offered
  • loan terms can be adjusted according to clients’ request
  • rapid processing
  • grace period can be offered
  • receive professional advices from our loan experts

Rates & Costs


The rates are flexible due to the nature of the loan. Visit our specialists with relevant documentations; we can negotiate a good rate for you.


Fees Explanation
Loan Administration Fee This establishment fee covers the preparation of your loan application documentation, legal fees and sales duty to government.
Security transfer fee Securities such as property evaluation, equipment and or inventory lists may require as the collaterals of the loan. A transfer fee is received by the notary office on the related work.
Life Insurance (Optional) It is strongly recommended to the loan applicants because we know life is full of unexpected. You would like to protect your family members as much as possible, at least protecting them away from the repayments of the loan. Life insurance would be your option.

How to apply

Southern Commercial Bank understands the challenges and difficulties of being the small and media enterprises, we are committed to offer rapid processing on the loan application so that you can receive the funds as soon as possible.

  1. Consult our experts – Book an appointment with our loan experts or visit our bank. To help speed things along, be sure to bring all the necessary paperwork.
  2. Full application – We will assess your situation and advice if any additional documentation is required. With all the required documents, the bank will require approximately 1 week to decide the approval of the loan application.
  3. Loan request approval – you will be advised when your loan is formally approved.
  4. Transfer – We will then forward the relevant paperwork to your notary officer, insurance agent etc for processing.
  5. Settlement – On the settlement day, you will be required to sign the documents at the notary office, and the arrangements at the bank. Once the process is done, you will receive the loan funds immediately from the bank.

Now you are familiar with the lending process already, it is the time to make your first start, by making an appointment with our expert team here.

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1st class mortgage advice, couldnt have done it with out Southern Commercial Bank.

Sander Anderson

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Great rates, and peace of mind security for my company. Thank you for the help & honest advice.

Amal Pakesh

Student Learner

My overdraft facility enabled me to complete my education, all thanks to the banking staff.

Anita Chin

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