Kid’s Savings

Although it is called Kid’s saving accounts, it is much more than that. It is the first step to develop the financial concept for your children. When you teach your kids about managing money, how to save, you are helping them to develop good financial habits to last a lifetime

Features and Benefits

  • Accounts are available in 3 currencies, SRD, USD and EUR respectively.
  • Require a minimum of SRD 100.00 / USD 100.00 / EURO 100.00 for opening deposits
  • Higher interest rate to encourage saving habits
  • Flexible conditions and restrictions are available
  • Allow everyday access to your deposits while interests can be earned at the same time
  • Flexible service charge. It can be as low as 0
  • Local transfer funds service (within Suriname) is free of charge
  • Option to arrange automatic payment without any fees


  • Children that are under 16 years old, who should come along with:
    • Valid Identity information (Identity card or passport)
    • Family book
    • ID card,passport or driving license of legal guardian ( if they want to withdraw money from that account)
    • Student identity information (optional)
    • Southern Commercial Bank Application Form
    • Southern Commercial Bank Parental agreement form

  •  If you are a Foreign National, you may open a savings account by providing:

    • Valid passport
    • Valid VISA

Interest Rates

4 %

For rates of USD and EUR, please contact our bank here.

Fees and Charges

  • Only service charge will be statement fees.
  • Statement fees for SRD accounts, USD accounts and EUR accounts are SRD2.50, USD0.80 and EURO0.50 respectively.
  • You are free to choose the period of receiving statements including every month, every quarter, every half year, every year and no statements.

Download application form

  • Download our kid’s saving accounts application form here.

service charges are charged only when statements are printed and distributed.

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