Chinese New Year 2017

In 2015 Chinese New Year finally became a national holiday in Suriname. In order to celebrate with everyone, the SCUA association (Suriname United Chinese Association), with support from the Chinese Embassy and the community, the Spring Festival Miao Foei was organized for the third consecutive year. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the community. Each year, there are more than ten thousand people that celebrate the festival with us.

To carry out the preparatory work of the 2017 Spring Festival Miao Foei the SCUA Association has established the commission of the Spring Festival Miao Foei 2017. The task of this committee is primarily the preparatory work of the Miao Foei. Thomson Cheung is the chairman of the committee, Li XueXiong and Chenyu are the vice-chairmen of the committee and members of other associations will be assisting with festival. The task of the chairman Cheung is mainly coordinate, finding sponsors and receive to guests. The vice president Li is mainly engaged in the administrative work, bookings of several tents and security. The Vice Chairman Chen is engaged in the programmes that have relations with the Chinese culture. The Chinese Embassy also has a delegation, coming from Beijing, invited to the party to celebrate together. 2017 Spring Festival Miao Fie event will be held on 28 January 2017 through January 29 2017 at the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), the access is free.

On January 28 2017, at six in the afternoon an opening ceremony will be held. We also have the parade and a show with regard to the Chinese culture, in addition there are several tents introducing Chinese culture to the rest of society, various associations, the Chinese enterprises in Suriname, the dishes, the artwork etc. We also have the Chinese delegation came from Beijing who will present us: dance, enchantments, acrobats, face change, and many other activities.

On Sunday, January 29th 2017 at 11 in the morning there is still free entry to the Chinese Miao Foei. There will be a small show presented by the delegation. During the Miao Festival Foei we have a “Street of Food” section in the building of KKF where different dishes from various provinces in China will be prepared. Here, the Committee invites the whole nation to the 2017 Spring Festival Miao Foei together celebrate. If interested, you may also, rent a tent or a program to us present. You also may donate money or other item (s).

Let us, the whole nation collectively celebrate the festival.

SCUA The committee of the Spring Festival Miao Foei 2017

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