Protect your Family

Medical Insurance

To protect yourself and your beloved one by medical insurance is the best way to show your love and caring. Our insurance agents offer 

Medical Insurance in different classes: all your medical costs (checkup, medicine, hospital admission and operation fees) can be paid with the medical insurance. For clients who always travel and stay oversea, there is also an option of medical insurance that can be used aboard.

Furthermore, no one wants to be out of teeth when you get old. Our insurance agents offer  Dental insurance in different classes: dental filling, extraction or possible surgery can be covered with the dental insurance.

Our agents provide simple and fast procedures:

  • Visit our bank and our specialist will assist you to fill up the application form
  • Bring a copy of your ID
  • Sometimes, a body checkup may request from the insurance agents
  • Flexible payments, you can choose to pay monthly or yearly

Life Insurance

Life can be unpredictable and life insurance is always valuable to protect your family. If you have loans or liabilities, it is even more necessary to purchase life insurance. When something happens with you, you can protect your family from the liabilities. Our agents provide full package life insurance depends on your insured amount: 

  • Visit our bank and our specialist will assist you to fill up the application form
  • Bring a copy of your ID
  • Loan arrangement (optional)

Pension Insurance

Most of the private companies do not offer pension for their employees. Pension Insurance can help you to prepare the best for yourself and your family when you retired from work. Our agents provide flexible package to suit your pension needs:

  • Visit our bank and our specialist will assist you in choosing the right types of pension insurance
  • Bring a copy of your ID, salary slip 

Funeral Insurance

Get prepare since no one wants to burden the family when life comes to an end. In this case, funeral insurance will be the option. With a small amount of payment each month, the insurance will cover most items for the funeral. For more detail, welcome to visit our bank for consultation.

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